There are many important factors to consider when it comes to buying a refrigerator. One of the most crucial is deciding whether to go with double door or single door refrigerator. Are you confused?

So here, let us compare both of these models so that you can make a sound decision without any further confusion. Choose the right one just by visiting  and after taking help from the below guide!

Features of single door refrigerators

  • As the name suggests, there is just one door for freezer as well as fridge.
  • They are ideal for small family with 1-3 members.
  • The freezer size is generally smaller as compared to double door refrigerator.
  • They require more cleaning efforts.
  • They come with less shelves space. So, beverage bottles or bigger vessels might not be accommodated.
  • They have the capacity of around 50-250 litres.
  • They consume much less power and as a result, lesser amount of electricity bill!
  • They occupy little surface or area.
  • They can be a good option for the ones that want affordable refrigerator model since they are quite economical.

Features of double door refrigerator

  • As their name suggests, they have two doors. There is a separate one for freezer.
  • They come with a capacity of 235-495 litres.
  • They consume more power and therefore, the electricity bill might get higher as a result.
  • They are ideal for the medium to large families having 3-5 members or more than that.
  • They are frost free and come with electric fans.
  • They are easy to maintain. Moreover, they don’t require manual cleaning since they come with auto clean feature!
  • They come with more shelves space. So, beverage bottles or bigger vessels can be easily accommodated.
  • They occupy more surface or area.
  • They are expensive as compared to single door refrigerators.

If you have small space or a small family, then a single door fridge can be your best bet. They can really help you in saving power, space, time, money, as well as energy along with being quite useful. Moreover, they are easily accessible with all latest technologies.

So ultimately, it is all about what you want and what your space’ requirements are. Identify your needs and then evaluate different models according to your budget and you are sure to choose the best one!

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