Let’s begin with the facts and myths. Phoenix is a part of the world that doesn’t see snow and cold. There are some things to remember before you move. You won’t find any skyscrapers, potholes, rusty cars etc. You will find gardens of lush blooms, well-maintained highways, day trips to a number of places, professional sports etc. Arizona also has its own time zone, it doesn’t subscribe to the daylight savings time. And also learn some of the local arrays of acronyms.

Moving to Arizona

There are many home styles available in the state. Most of them are single family residences. There are many condos and townhouses as well. There is also the patio home and twin homes. Most of them don’t have a basement. You will also find many master planned communities. Many people have concerns over utility bills that the summers are hot and long. Also, the property tax of Arizona is confusing as well.

Finding a job

Job growth in Phoenix has been rising over time. The job you are looking for depends on what you want to do and how much are your employers willing to pay. There are many places online where you can easily browse the job vacancies. You can also peek at the occupations with the most vacancy available and the largest employers in the area. Also remember that Arizona is a Right to Work state. Depending on the skills and expertise needed, many are above the minimum wages of the state. The average cost of living in Arizona is $55,676.

Dealing with the heat

To live in a desert, you have to find your own ways. Sometimes it is as easy as choosing the color of your car on the basis of how hot can it get in the summers. There are many logical ways as well to survive the scorching heat. Remember two important factors about the Phoenix weather. First, the heat index. In this area, it is not that humid so high temperature don’t feel that scorching. Second, it is so important that you should know how to recognize the exhaustion. The most important way to survive this is to drink water which helps in preventing many heat related diseases. And it is so hot in Phoenix that you can fry an egg on the sidewalk itself.

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