Often after having the eyeglass prescription from optometrist people are confused as they are ignorant about the abbreviated terms and numbers written in the prescription. For purchasing quality appropriate eyeglasses, you need to understand the written prescription after the final eye exam.

A few basic things to understand your eyeglasses prescription:

  • Numbers: The prescription has numbers written on it. The numbers indicate the level or correction needed. If the numbers are further from zero, means more correction is required.
  • Signs: The plus and minus sign before the numbers is short term for near sightedness and far sightedness.
  • Types of prescription: Both single and multi focal eyeglass prescription won’t be the same. Single vision prescription is for correcting near sightedness and the multi focal prescription is for long sightedness.

  • ‘OD’ and ‘OS’: They are the shortened form for oculus sinister and oculus dexter, the Latin names for right eye and left eye. In your prescription there is a column for ‘OU’ (Oculus uterque) it means both eyes. Commonly in prescription the OD column is written first as right eye is considered to be the first.
  • Sphere: Shortly termed as SPH, relates to the level of lens power which is measured in diopters.
  • Cylinder (CYL): It is written to understand the lens power for astigmatism. It is written cylindrical as the lens power needed to correct the astigmatism which isn’t spherical. It is shaped as such that its one meridian doesn’t have added curvature. The meridian perpendicular to that contains maximum power and need lens curvature to correct it.
  • Axis: It is when no cylindrical power is needed to correct astigmatism. It is donated with number 1 to 180. The number 90 will relate to the vertical meridian of the eye whereas 180 will connect to the horizontal meridian.
  • Prism: This states the level of prismatic power measured in prism diopters mostly prescribed to cure eye heath issues. Thus, in every prescription it isn’t included.

If you are in doubt, contact an eye care near me locality. The staff will surely help in clearly understanding your doctor’s eyeglass prescription.

To buy the right spectacles or lenses you just need to visit websites of popular ophthalmologist website. The marketing sites of eyeglasses will be helpful to have detail knowledge regarding the prescription and the contact details of trustable eyeglass providers. There you can even choose frames or lens available in varied types affordable and within your budget.

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