If you hold a valid noncommercial driving license in any state in the US, you might want to enroll for a defensive driving course. As the name indicates, a defensive driving course meant to equip you with knowledge and information, so that you can be more responsible and active behind the wheel. Since the traffic laws vary from one state to another, the course contents may differ too but are usually on the same lines. From handling the aftermath of a crash and traffic crash statistics to knowing the laws related to DUI, you will get to know a lot of things in detail. Here are some of the important questions along with relevant answers.

Why should I take up a defensive driving course?

Like most things, the reasons can vary from state to state. Most people, who have a ticket, like to get their points reduced or removed by taking up such courses. If your insurance provider and policy allow and the state has the required provisions, you may get a reduction in your premiums for the next two to three years. If the driving license has been suspended owing to points, you may get to reinstate the license. Of course, when you go for a defensive driving course, you learn a lot of new things about traffic laws and statistics, so one cannot ignore the educational advantages either.

Do I need to go to school?

No, not always. If your state rules allow, you can take up a defensive driving course online, as well. There are some reliable course providers who offer the option of learning online, and you can get your defensive driving certificate printed as needed. However, there are discretions in this aspect. At times, the court may decide on whether you should attend a classroom-based course, depending on the violations and other facts of the case.

What about the cost and duration?

Statement requirements largely define the duration of defensive driving courses. In most cases, you can expect to spend around six to eight hours, while sometimes the duration can be as small as four hours. You can find plenty of resources online regarding the laws and rules in your state. If you end up in a classroom course, you may need to complete the entire duration in one session, again depending on the duration. However, with online courses, you can continue to learn in installments. The course costs depend on the course provider.

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