Just like any other appliance, your air conditioner requires periodic maintenance failure to which leads to a breakdown. Unexpected breakdown of the air conditioner is a major inconvenience. Many air conditioners also fail to perform as per the expectations or consume more energy than the standard when they are not well maintained. Here are a few tips to keep your air conditioner in optimal performance at all times and when to call air conditioning repair in San Antonio.
Change your filter periodically 
The air conditioner has a filter to keep away dirt and debris from messing up your system. Over time, the dirt clogs the small holes of the air filter causing the airflow to be weak and the system will have to work extra hard to maintain the room temperature. Check the filters every 60 days and change them if there is a need.
Have internal components checked regularly 
Have air conditioning repair San Antonio technicians check on your condensing unit for any signs of overheating. Such signs can be melted insulation and charred marks on the edges of the wires. The technicians will also check whether the capacitors are also working right.
Clean the area around the outside unit 
Over time, your hedges leaves and grass may build up around your unit. This reduces the capacity of your air conditioner unit and reduces its airflow. Cut the shrubs and hedges around your air conditioner unit. Shut off the system and gently wipe off the debris on the surface using a dry cloth. Planting low grass also helps reduce the amount of dust that is getting into your outdoor unit.
Check any blockage to the vents 
Sometimes the system is working right but you may have blocked the vents with books, clothing or dresses. Ensure that all vents are open to enable good circulation of cool air. On the other hand, consider having a 12-inch clearance around the outdoor unit. This ensures that it is able to suck in as much air as possible.
Be on the lookout for common problems 
There are common problems such as icy coils, air leakages, weak airflow or inability to cool the house at the temperatures that you wish. Leaks may be caused by damaged tubes and pumps. On the other hand, clogged air filters may cause the airflow to be weak. In case of any of the above issues, call air conditioning repair San Antonio experts to check what may be wrong with the air conditioner.
Quality air conditioner maintenance can help you cut the repair costs and avoid the inconvenience that is caused by the sudden breakdown of the equipment. The easier way to do it is by signing up for a service contract with air conditioning repair San Antonio experts of your own choice.

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