Many people aspire to get a law degree. Unfortunately, law school does not come cheap. In countries like the US, students in law school end up with a six-figure debt in student loans by the time they graduate. That alone is enough to discourage potential students from studying law.

Is it possible to earn a jurisprudence degree without paying a single cent on tuition? It is possible if you apply for a grant or a full scholarship. However, asking for a scholarship means you need to have the qualifications. What are these qualifications? Your LSAT score is one thing, the rest depends on other credentials you can provide to make you a worthy candidate for a full scholarship. If you are a prospective student hoping to qualify for a full scholarship, here are five tips.

  1. Ace your test prep

You cannot deny the fact that your LSAT score matters when you apply for a full scholarship. You need to prepare for your LSATs and dedicate as much time as you would if you had a part-time job. Remember that if you pass with high scores, you will save thousands of dollars on tuition by getting a full scholarship.

  1. Research available scholarships and grants

It is possible that you’ll find scholarships with specific conditions such as pursuing a predetermined career path or service in the public sector. In other countries, for example, there are foundations like the Chodiev Foundation giving opportunities to top students to study law in MGIMO. While foundations like Chodiev do not require students to comply with service requirements, it is important to keep in mind that these service requirements may still work to your advantage if it is something you are already interested in.


  1. Polish your application

Aside from your LSAT exams, you also need to work on your application to impress admission officers. A majority of scholarships come from law schools, and you must have compelling application credentials to merit a full scholarship. Your academic scores, extra-curricular activities, and application letter all play a significant part in promoting you as a worthy candidate for a scholarship.

  1. Consider scholarship programs for early decision applicants

There are law schools that give out full scholarships to applicants who pledge to attend a particular school as long as they receive a full scholarship. This option may not be for those who want to have as many options as possible but applying early and making a pledge can help guarantee a sure spot with a full scholarship.

  1. Always be hopeful

Say for example you don’t have a stellar academic record or exceptional LSAT scores; you should never assume that getting a scholarship is impossible. Even if you think your chances are slim, you should still apply for a scholarship. You won’t lose anything if you apply, in fact, you might be surprised in the end if you get approved for a scholarship. Be ambitious and don’t feel discouraged if you think you don’t stand a chance against other applicants, because there is no harm in trying.



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