There’s a reason home owners are embracing the sliding door trend. They’re proven to increase property value, add a decorative edge to any decor style and offer a convenient option to standard doors. Sliding barn doors and accents like those found at RW Sliding Door Hardware are very popular right now and for good reason. They not only functional and fashionable at the same time, sliding doors require much less space than traditional doors. Here are five gorgeous reasons for adding sliding barn doors to your home.

  1.  Double as Artwork: When a sliding style door replaces a traditional swinging closet door, amazing things happen. Because of the beautiful nature of sliding doors, they double as artwork to enhance the room. The doors can be painted or stained however the owner prefers. In addition, hardware and accents like those from RW Sliding Door Hardware can be mixed or matched to create a one of a kind, functional focal point, whether the doors are opened or closed.
  2.  Opens Up Small Spaces:  Small bathrooms and powder rooms will appear much larger when a sliding barn door is installed. Traditional doors take up valuable space and many times will get in the way on either side of the room. Sliding doors are perfect for smaller rooms and lend a hand when it comes to the space invading open door.
  3.  Divides and Conquers: Many homes feature open spaces like great rooms and foyers  that are perfect for entertaining large numbers of people. Sliding barn doors give homeowners the opportunity to beautifully open these areas when needed, but also divide them into smaller rooms for a more intimate gathering. Barn doors accomplish this concept without permanently closing a room. And as an added bonus, natural light can pass between the rooms creating dimension.
  4.  Front and Center:  Sliding barn doors featuring beautiful accents like those found at RW Sliding Door Hardware replace traditional front doors by adding a focal point both on the inside and outside of the home. This unexpected addition to any home instantly updates the curb appeal and refreshes the interior room, too.
  5.  Disguises Storage:  Clutter and storage is “just a memory” when sliding doors replace closet doors. Whether it’s the kitchen pantry filled with food, pots and pans, a mud room filled with coats, hats and shoes or an office space filled with miscellaneous supplies, adding a stylish sliding door with fabulous hardware will conceal it beautifully. Simply slide it open when items are needed and slide it closed when they are not.

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