Toyota is a car brand that has earned a worldwide reputation for high reliability and durability. Vehicle features and packages enhance reliability. Durability, on the other hand, is the product of quality machine parts. Consequently, using genuine parts is critical for maintaining your vehicle in good health for a longer time.

The market today is flooded with aftermarket fake Toyota parts. However, there are several reasons why you should only buy genuine parts from Toyota parts Baltimore dealerships.

  1.  Designed for Durability

The components of your Toyota are designed to sail your vehicle through its entire lifespan. To achieve this, they are thoroughly tested before being used in the car. However, due to variations in operation conditions, some wear out faster than usual. Then come in the fake ones. They are not built for durability. They are always of a lower quality even though they may look similar to the genuine one. It leads to the next problem with non-genuine car parts.

  1. Safety Standards

The original Toyota parts guarantee safety to you and your vehicle. The inferior version of the same piece is a time bomb. If used in critical parts of the car such as the engine, handling and cruise control systems, you never know when they will fail. Faulty car parts are major contributors to car system failures and accidents.

  1. Warranty

Your warranty is your insurance from the manufacturer. If the car experience problem before the end of the manufacturer’s warranty, it will be corrected for free. However, as soon as you use a counterfeit component in your car, you lose your cover.

  1. Hidden Costs

A lot of research goes into the development of a car part. The counterfeit is, on the other hand, made for quantity with no quality standard in mind. As a result, the grey market’s parts cost less. It is easy to be duped into saving a little cash by buying a counterfeit.

The decision to use counterfeit parts comes with other hidden costs in the long run. Consider, for example, a genuine part that costs $500 and lasts for three years and a fake piece is sold at 75% of the actual price, $375 but lasts only for a year. At the end of three years, you would have spent $625 more.

In conclusion, there is much to gain by using genuine parts for your car. It is possible that some dealers who retail in these parts also do not realize that their merchandise is fake. Therefore, always buy and replace your vehicle components at an approved Toyota parts Baltimore dealer. Only then will you be assured of the quality you are paying for.

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